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Submitted on
July 6, 2010
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1/70 second
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5 mm
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Date Taken
Jul 6, 2010, 7:42:51 PM
I will wait for you by ChiakiChama I will wait for you by ChiakiChama
YOSH! I've been painting this in the last 3 days.. @O@ it sure took some time!
It's full title is "I will wait for you even though you might never come" I know it very long.. so I couldn't fit it into the deviation title! FAIL! however there is alot of symbolism in this pic, you figure out the meanings of everything yourself! XD
It's painted with Acrylic colours. (I managed the face quite well didn't I?)
I would like critique for this pic. but do't be too harsh cuz I worked hard on this and if you put it directly in the rubbish bin I'd be SAAAD! ;O;
Enough with my nagging
please: ENJOY! :D
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Wow...This is gorgeous!
Thank you ^^ and thanks for the fav! :D
MySeconds Jul 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm stunned, like always when I look at your art ;w; It's a beautiful piece :heart:~
thank youuu!! ;D btw! We havn't met in like.. FOREVER!! XD ska vi leka snart? ;3
MySeconds Jul 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
TOTALLY! :icongwahplz:

I miss U, Master :icondeepworshipplz: XDD
It has been awhile and I need to know which of the pieces are new. This the new piece. Ok here goes. Please remember that time has very little to do in the quality of the art. I have finished great pieces in less than an hour and created horrible pieces using up days. Time is not the factor in creating a good piece of art. Art is the thought behind the creation and sometimes I have spent years in the thought process and the actual art takes a relativity short period of time to develop. This painting shows that you pondered over what you needed to show in the painting. My biggest comment is not the design or the subject but the excution of the color. If you look at the painting we will see 2 areas of intense color that breaks the design in half. If you add a small amount of color (less Intense) around the head and a real thin color wash over part of the building it will tie the whole piece together. I see a little of the yellow in the building but I think more of a orange and red will work better. The red reflection I assume has a meaning, but it needs to tie into the rest of the painting. This is called unity. It will bring the whole artwork to gether to have a flow and lead the viewer through the art. Over all this is a good piece. Do not get discourage over what you may assume is a harsh critique. To create great art we need decide what is valid in a critique and what is not. Oh the face is well done and fits the art. To get a feeling of distance the objects behind the main figure should become less focused.
I have not experienced such difference in time myself XD It usually takes 3-7 hours not depending on what subject or technique I use.. the size of the picture might have significance though.
When I looked at the finished pic I had a slight feeling something was.. undone with it. I belive it was the whole 'splitting it in two' thing. I see that very clearly now that you've told me. but I wont edit the picture cuz from this I'll learn not to split other paintings.
I dont get how I am suppsed to tie the red reflection together with the rest, can you explain how you mean? (seems like it takes alot of planning/experience to get unity in the painting XD)
I know shoule not get discouraged by critique, but consider it carefully. And it is after all critique which helps me to understand my shortcomings and become better. Even so, critique can be hard to take sometimes. >O<
Hahaha XD to blur things in the distance havn't even crossed my mind! maybe I'll try that as well :3
I have taken your piece and photoshoped it so you can see what I am talking about. But I do not know how to send it to you over this system. Might have to do email. Great unity is when a picture comes totally together. Everything works as it should to creat a beautiful piece. This takes time but you are well on the way. What I am telling you this is a higher level of learning that you may be getting later. You will reach this at 16 or 17 years old. It takes a good eye to understand how the elements work together to create great art. One step at a time. Study the masters and copy their work for practice. Remember that the masters usually worked for a master artist for 14 years to achieve their skills. Your are sensitive to critiques because you own the piece we are talking about.
I'll try to study a pitrure carefully when I see one painted by a master :D But then its time I learn this unity thing >:O Im 16 in a month! Gotta practice! ;D
I'll send you my mail in a note, I'd like to see what you've edited in it. ^^ oh, and thank you.
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